Scenes Of Birmingham, Michigan Playing Cards

Scenes Of Birmingham, Michigan Playing Cards

You too can get a deck of cards or jigsaw puzzle produced for your non-profit.  We not only can help you through the process, but we will create a custom fundraising kit for you.  To find out more information about this unique fundraiser please contact us here.



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This deck of historical playing cards is a limited edition of ~1,000 decks of cards worldwide.

Take a step back into history a deck of playing cards from Birmingham, Michigan. This historical deck of playing cards takes on the look of years gone by. Covering a span of over a hundred years, each card face highlights a photo ranging anywhere from the late 1800's to more recent years.

Not only does the deck feature historical photos, but the face cards are designed the way "souvenir" playing cards used to be!  With the round photos, historical facts and fun information the deck is designed to be what a deck of souvenir cards should be...a souvenir. It seems anymore when you find a deck of souvenir playing cards they will have a unique photo on the back, but then have normal faces. Using normal faces on the decks has become a cheap way for manufacturers to get around what used to be a wonderful collectible!

Top quality playing cards with a special center (so they aren't see thru) make this deck not only great for collecting, but great to play with.

To purchase this deck we encourage you to contact the "Published by" organization direct that is listed on the deck.

Reminisce times past and get your own deck made for your county!



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The information below is for organizations who may be interested in our unqiue fundraising program.



Do you want to put your town, city, county, museum or organization on a deck of collectible playing cards? Contact Real Souvenir Publishing for more information!

Having your own deck of cards can not only be a HUGE fundraiser that is unique for your organization, but it makes a wonderful collectible that will add to the history of your organization! Not to mention, if you use our fund raising program you will need NO upfront money.


As the publisher of this deck, Real Souvenir usually gets at least a few decks of cards from the overrun to be able to show other people.  As part of showing other folks the fundraiser we post some of the decks here at to let them see some of the variety and ideas.  Each organization has the option to purchase any overrun if they wish to not have decks sold here as this listing is meant more as a means to tell others about the deck than it is as a means for direct retail.  We aren't really interested in selling direct to the end user as this is what you do best in your community.  So if you would like to purchase this deck please visit or contact the said organization to see if it is still available.

Should you have any questions about this exciting fundraiser please let us know by using the Contact Us form.