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Alright, we know we have left a ton of information out on this site and our other sites. Why did we do it?

1)  We would need to speak with you to see if this project would even be a fit for you.  This project is really designed for a select group of historical organizations and is not intended for anyone who comes along.

2)  We have not quite figured out how to put everything into writing so folks will clearly understand.  It's not just a matter of "here's the price" or "here's what you do". It is a very specialized program.

3)  Many folks just do not comprehend that the project pays for itself with the fundraising.  When we did have generic pricing listed some thought, "Oh, I can't do this.  I don't have the money," without fully understanding how it works.

4)  This fundraiser has been a HUGE success for so many organizations that competitors have been trying to "spy" to figure out exactly how we do it.

So if you would like more information we ask you to fill out the form below and we will give you a call.  If you need pricing to do it out of your budget, a better explanation of the fundraising, a sample, or anything please leave your information below and we will contact you via phone.  This allows us to make sure you better understand this unique fundraiser.



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