About Real Souvenir

"Real" Souvenir Publishing is located in Circleville, Ohio and is operated as part of Newt's Games & Playing Cards and Newt's Playing Cards and are all Divisions of The E-Quiver, Inc. Family of Companies.  "Real" Souvenir was originally started as an effect of a unique deck of historical playing cards that we created for Circleville, Ohio.  After the deck was a HUGE success locally we started having surrounding towns asking us if we would help them create a deck.  So we did!  Back in 2005 we were originally only doing decks for folks that were located in Ohio.  When our decks started floating out to various history centers across the US we had to create a plan that would work for many!  Each organization wanted to create their own deck of cards so we developed our unique trademark fundraising program to help them.

The key to any fundraising effort is trying to find a sponsor to underwrite what you are trying to do. When you get someone to sponsor your product you are able to raise more proceeds or profit.  The problem is, in this economy, many people or businesses just do not have the extra funds or budget to sponsor museum events.  The items here at "Real" Souvenir Publishing go beyond just raising much needed funds, they also help folks in your area either advertise their business or share memories.  The part that really makes it great is your sponsors not only get to feel good about helping you, but they can take home one of the decks or puzzles you create.

One of the best parts about Newt's "Real" Souvenir Publishing is not only the fact that we can help an organization create a souvenir with no out of pocket expense, but we will help them through every step of the process.  We not only know playing cards and puzzles, but we continue work to have the best fundraising program out there.  We have digital files, printed pages and more to help make the process flow easier.  We even offer simplified pricing that includes a complete "Souvenir Edition" package that makes it easier for organizations who do not have an art department.

One of the biggest things to remember is yes, you can do a "Real" Souvenir deck for any special occasion, but you can also do one each year or however often you wish.  Each souvenir we do has an "Edition" number which not only lets you know where you're at, but lets other folks know that there are past editions or future editions will happen.  So don't limit yourself to thinking you can only do one deck or puzzle and you're done!  This is a fund raiser you can do over and over again by either changing the theme, changing the images or any thing.  The options are endless and the amount of times you do a deck can be endless too!

No upfront cost means no risk to your historical organization.  With tighter and tighter budgets having a way to raise funds BEFORE you pay have become not only popular, but vital.  Once your organization chooses to do our fundraiser we send you everything you need to get started and it costs you nothing to get started.

We invite you to contact us and find out more information about this very unique fundraiser.


We know that many of the decks we printed way back in 2007 and 2007 had the phone number 740-474-4200.  When we moved from that location we couldn't "move" the number and we ended up loosing it.  The problem now is even though we are back in area we are unable to get the number because our phone company says "someone else owns it".  The strange part then is it a local business doesn't have the number but a reseller of the number "owns" it and will not give it back.  So if you are trying to contact us at 740-474-4200 you may want to try our current number 740-420-6024.